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What's your crisis communication plan?


You may know that I’m a member of MCEI: Marketing Communications Executive International Seattle.

At our meeting last night, there was an excellent discussion in the wake of the recent PR disasters related to United Airlines and Pepsi. Several comments were, I think, of particular interest to our clients.

All organizations need to have advance “crisis communication" plans in place for the eventuality of unforeseen negative events. This is particularly important when an organization:

—Has a diverse, widely-scattered workforce that interacts with customers frequently.
—Is in a sector such as transportation, food and beverage where quality problems will be immediately newsworthy (like the recent “bat in the salad” incident).

Does your company have a crisis communications plan in place? If you do, great. You and CHCS should talk about making sure that the websites we manage on your behalf are prepared for such events (even though, hopefully, these procedures will never need to be implemented). If you do not have such a plan, it needs to be developed and communicated to all employees, and to companies like mine that help build and maintain your public face.

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