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The supporters and the supported

In the coming weeks and months, successful requests for charitable donations will need to be embedded in a larger expression of mutual support, empathy, and solidarity. And this approach should not be temporary: As the country deals with ever-greater personal loss and stress, charitable organizations can no longer do business as usual. The line between supporters and the supported will grow ever hazier. All of us will need help, and all of us will need to do our best to provide help to others.

-- Alan Cantor, "Nonprofit Fundraising in the Age of Coronavirus"

There will never be a "return to normal." But the small organizations and businesses that are the backbones of our communities are more important than ever. They are the enthusiastic visionaries that will create the "new normal;" hopefully, one that will make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.

CHCS has always focused on helping such nonprofits and small businesses. We are a small business ourselves, and one that is heavily involved with many nonprofits. So we are doing our best to provide the tools for success to those who need them, including our Next9 Management System that helps small nonprofits sustain and grow. It simplifies management of members, donations, events, mailing, and websites -- and it is designed to improve participation from younger and more diverse demographics.

When you speak to your friends at causes you believe in, please tell them about the CHCS Next9 system. And let them know that we are donating a subscription to our Next9 system weekly. For more information, see our previous blog post, and contact us with your questions. Let's work together to build a better future!

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