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New Year. New Goals. Next9.

Next9, our membership/donor management system, helps non-profit groups and small businesses grow and better engage with their stakeholders. Read more

End of 2020 sale!

Know a non-profit looking to grow and better engage with their donors? Know someone looking to enhance their web presence? There is no better time than now. Check out our end of year special! Let's talk today. Read more

Give Small

Next9 CHCS Websites

This week, we are all being bombarded with messages asking us to "Give Big Now" to worthy causes. In these difficult times, CHCS also asks you to consider "Giving Small." Read more

The supporters and the supported

In the coming weeks and months, successful requests for charitable donations will need to be embedded in a larger expression of mutual support, empathy, and solidarity. And this approach should not be temporary: As the country deals with ever-greater personal loss and stress, charitable organizations can no longer do business as usual. The line between supporters and the supported will grow ever hazier. All of us will need help, and all of us will need to do our best to provide help to others. Read more

Embedding videos

You should be able to post the YouTube URL directly in the body, and it will automatically embed the video. Note that you must use the full URL that looks like this
Not the short version that looks like Read more